Five animation cels inspired by classic black and white films for my art show, Rated G, at Gallery 1988. Several cels are still available to purchase, click the titles to find out more information. 

They’re coming to get you, Barbara
As the sun sets, a group of new friends spend the night in a large house, yet can’t seem to be left alone. 

The whole world is my hiding place
A scientist finally discovers the secret to invisibility, but doesn’t use it to enter the girl’s locker room. 

Many strange legends in the Amazon
During a boating trip, a young woman meets an unexpected suitor who invites her to his underwater home. 

A boy’s best friend is his mother
A stressed working girl relaxes at a cozy motel run by a shy young man devoted to his mother.  

A group of men enter an oversized bullet and are shot from a cannon

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